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Natural & Holistic Veterinary Care Promotes Animal Healing, Wellness & Longevity

As a more natural approach to veterinary care, alternative medicine can be used to:

  • Promote healing
  • Create a better quality of life
  • Minimize future problems by correcting subtle imbalances before overt disease develops
  • Encourage overall wellbeing and pet health

Such means of treatment are centered on healing, wellness, and longevity and utilize minimally invasive, gentle techniques (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association). Although Eastern alternative therapies can be practiced without conventional medicine, we encourage its use in conjunction with our other Western practices for best results. With integrative medicine, our holistic veterinarian will go beyond a physical exam by collecting and applying comprehensive knowledge about all of the pet's medical, dietary, behavioral, and environmental history. A tailored plan of conventional and alternative veterinary care will then be developed to lead your pet to a path of healing, health, and happiness.

Check out this episode of Natural Living featuring Dr. Mark Russo

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*Boston Magazine honored Dr. Mark Russo as "Best New Age Dr. Doolittle"*.

Veterinary Alternative Healing Modalities Used at Kingston Animal Hospital

Healthy Veterinary Alternatives

Healthy Veterinary Alternatives is a branch of Kingston Animal Hospital managed by Dr. Mark Russo that cares for small animals as well as horses using holistic methods of veterinary care. To direct your pet toward a life of wellbeing and longevity, call to set up an appointment soon.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our healing modalities can often be used in concert with conventional medicine. We STRONGLY recommend maintaining a working relationship with your regular family veterinarian so that conventional care will be available when needed.

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What our Clients are saying...

Everyone at Kingston Animal Hospital knows our 13 year old Yorkie, Max, up close and personal. From our first visit to our latest visit we have always received the best of care from all the staff members. – Sue, Roy and Max the wonder Yorkie
We have been bringing our dogs to Kingston AH since 1998 and would NEVER go anywhere else - they are the BEST! From the opening of the front door to the desk, the greeting and smiling faces make everyone feel welcome. Everyone here goes above and beyond. - Pauline & Mike Guertin

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